Tier List

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Letzte Aktualisierung: 2022-05-22

Tier S: Very Strong

This category wouldn't exist if Blizzard's balancing was better, but this small club of Heroes generally deserves a first ban or first pick with relatively few exceptions (like if you see an enemy One-Trick-Pony who's godlike at Cho'Gall or Zeratul and are daring enough to first pick them for instance).

Tier 4: Weak

"But I won a game with a Weak-classed hero!" - Yep, all Heroes are technically winnable! There are countless factors such as personal skill and preference, enemy mistakes, enemy mis-drafts, allied misplays etc.! These Heroes all have much better alternatives in the Nexus, but if you love them and want to play them, who's stopping you, aside from a few reports?