Bugs connus : janvier 2017


 | 26 janv. 17  à 20:56

Des utilisateurs sur reddit ont recensé une belle liste de bugs connus. Blizzard a répondu que la plupart de ces bugs seront corrigés dans un patch à venir très prochainement (hotfix) et que la diffusion de certains correctifs avait été un peu retardée par la sortie de Valeera. Certains bugs parmi cette liste demandent plus d’investigations et ne seront corrigés que plus tard.

Voici la liste de bugs et la réponse de Blizzard.

MasRemlap [reddit]

I’ve compiled a list of bugs that are currently active in-game right now. I don’t know about you guys, but this is a serious problem in my opinion

  • Kael’thas’ Pyroblast follows Tyreal after death before he explodes and will trigger a 2nd death.
  • Zeratul’s Vorpal Blade talent’s distance is currently only the same as his blink ability
  • Zeratul’s ‘Grim Task’ talent does not cause him to lose his ability damage after death, despite the tooltip saying so
  • The Garden Terror’s basic attacks are completely missing minions in some cases
  • Artanis’ ‘Titan Killer’ causes you to do double damage from his Seasoned Marksman stacks
  • Ragnaros’ ‘Empower Sulfuras’ ability can proc twice with one cast
  • Rexxar’s pet Misha has numerous bugs in terms of pathing, causing loss of control of her
  • Stitches’ ‘Hungry for More’ talent does not work
  • Tassadar’s healing stats are doubled in the stats screen
  • Tassadar’s level 1 talent Templars Will does not count toward the quest unless Tassadar attacks for 1+ seconds per time
  • Tassadar’s Archon ultimate sometimes will not change to the correct model, and will appear in his normal form
  • Self-casting Tassadar’s shield activates his trait
  • Anub’arak’s ‘Chitinous Plating’ talent does nothing
  • The Lost Viking’s 16 talent for Olaf’s stun charge can be cast on destroyed buildings
  • The Lost Vikings’ trait does not work
  • Tracer cannot hit posessed minions
  • Queueing commands on Valeera removes stealth before she follows the commands, rather than when they are done
  • Li Li’s ‘Gale Force’ talent does not work
  • The sorting order for heroes does not remember your preferred selection
  • The immortals on Battlefield of Eternity are commonly not displaying their attacks as circles on the ground as intended
  • The christmas treasure goblin mount is still not available, regardless of owning it
  • AI heroes can see Valeera whilst stealthed
  • Chromie’s ‘Timewalkers Pursuit’ quest is completed from the momnent you choose it
  • Brightwing’s ‘Pixie Dust’ now only reduces the damage of 1 ability rather than persisting for the 1.5 seconds it is meant to EDIT: Other way round, this is infact a tooltip error, not an ability bug
  • Samuro’s new Monkey King skin displays his clones in the 1st colour tint, regardless of if you switch from it
  • Colour blind mode camp colours are the same regardless of status
  • If Nazeebo misses his Q, the vase no longer shatters, just falls through the ground
  • Valeera’s Garrote sometimes will not cast at all, but you will still leave stealth
  • Tychus’ ‘In The Rhythm’ talent permenantly displays 0 stacks in the tooltip
  • Artanis can use his dash if his swap is about to hit to travel the full distance of the dash without returning to his original position
  • Malfurion’s Moonfire bonus damage talent sometimes procs despite passing the 3-second window
  • The Punisher on Infernal Shrines can get stuck chasing the enemy into their spawn zone
  • Battlefield of Eternity’s Immortals can be displaced by Tyreal’s holy ground talent
  • Samuro’s ‘Bladestorm’ ultimate can be interrupted by Anub’arak’s stuns
  • Leoric’s « Fealty Unto Death » not currently working
  • Valeera’s smoke bomb can cause her to stay unrevealable longer than intended and/or when outside of smoke bomb’s radius
  • Samuro clones are acting out of the ordinary (and Misha, similarly mentioned above) (details here)
Blizz_AKlontzas, producer [reddit]

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to drop in here and let you know that we already have a patch nearing completion that addresses the majority of the bugs on this list. There are a few listed here that we may need to take a closer look at so thanks for compiling the list, it helps us out a lot. Apologies for all the wonkiness with this release, Valeera stabbed too many other Heroes on her way to the Nexus.

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