MEKA Pilot

Hana Song, also known as "D.Va," is both a world champion professional gamer and a burgeoning global icon. As a member of South Korea’s elite MEKA unit, she fights to protect her homeland from the colossal omnic threat lurking within the East China Sea.

Release date: 2017-05-16


- Level 0 +
  • Health points: - (+-% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+-% per lev )


  • Mana: - (+10% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+0.1% per lev )

  • Damage per attack: - (+-% per lev )

  • Attack speed: - (per sec)


  • Dps: -

  • Attack range: -

Basic Abilities

  • Boosters

    Boosters (Q)

    Cooldown:  9s

    Increase D.Va's Movement Speed by 125% for 2 seconds. Enemies that are hit take 135 damage and are knocked away.

    D.Va cannot be Slowed while Boosters are active, and each enemy can only be hit once per use.

  • Defense Matrix

    Defense Matrix (W)

    Cooldown:  10s

    Channel a defensive field in the target direction for 3 seconds, reducing the damage dealt by enemy Heroes inside it by 75%. The Mech can move while channeling, but cannot turn.

    Damage dealt to the Mech from enemies within Defense Matrix still grants the same amount of Self-Destruct Charge.

  • Self-Destruct

    Self-Destruct (E)

    Eject from the Mech, setting it to self-destruct after 4 seconds. Deals 1200 to 400 damage in a large area, depending on distance from center. Only deals 50% damage against Structures.

    Gain 1% Charge for every 2 seconds spent Basic Attacking, and 30% Charge per 100% of Mech Health lost.

Heroic Abilities

  • Bunny Hop

    Bunny Hop (R)

    Cooldown:  100s

    D.Va's Mech becomes Unstoppable and stomps every 0.5 seconds, dealing 60 damage and Slowing enemies by 40%. Lasts 4 seconds.

    Requires Mech Mode.

  • Big Shot

    Big Shot (R)

    Cooldown:  4s

    Deal 250 damage to all enemies in a line. The cooldown of Call Mech is reduced by 8 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.

    Requires Pilot Mode.


  • Mech Mode

    Mech Mode (T)

    When D.Va's Mech dies, she is ejected out after 0.75 seconds and can continue to fight. D.Va's Mech only awards 50% of a normal Hero's experience upon dying.


  • MEKA Pilot

    MEKA Pilot

  • Pro D.Va

    Pro D.Va

  • Goliath D.Va

    Goliath D.Va