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Beginners Guide:

Stukov is a burst healer with strong interrupts and disengages. His melee attacks also deal a ton of damage when he can get close enough to use them.


  • Lurking Arm (E) can silence sapper mercenaries, preventing them from detonating against structures or converting into core damage on Towers of Doom.

  • A well placed Lurking Arm (E) can completely turn a fight. Remember to practice this ability and look to maximize its value. If the enemy has an ability that telegraphs where they are going to be (example: Mephisto's Shade of Mephisto), Lurking Arm can punish your enemy.

  • Weighted Pustule ramps its slow from 5% to 50% over 3 seconds and can be underestimated by enemy players. Coupling the end of the pustule with Bio-Kill Switch (D) can maximize your slow to 5 seconds.

Flailing Swipe vs Massive Shove

Default pick is Massive Shove. It has a 20 second cool down (use it frequently) and can used to single handedly win team fights if you remove the right hero. Pick Flailing Swipes when you really need fights to disengage or if you are unsure if you can peel a mobile assassin. Often Massive Shove will suit you better for disengaging enemies.

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