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 | 31  Jul 18  ├á 20:00

It’s been now more than 3 years that Psionic Storm is active, as our website was founded in march 2015. This year we launched the build editor and a unique feature in the hots community with the alternative talents in our calculator. Our talent database is now updated very quickly both for live and PTR for every patch. Our units dynamic chart is also extended to the PTR region. We also integrated the Tier lists from our great partner Grubby to help the players with a reference at any level. And more content… but it’s only in french so far. But we don’t want to stop here!

To help us with the cost of the server we are now integrating some ads on the website. We would really like to avoid this, but it’s now a necessary evil to make Psionic sustainable. The choice left was this or disappear. No one loves ads, but simply by disabling your ad blockers for Psionic you will already help us. This means a lot for us and we hope these ads are of good quality, maybe even interesting.


Beyond this we would like to better promote our Patreon and engage you more for better content! As a very first action, all our patreons will enjoy Psionic without any ads for each month you support us, starting from as little as $1 per month. We still need to validate your Patreon and Psionic manually but don’t hesitate to ask us for any question (contact at

Any contribution is much welcome! The more you give, the more you motivate us to provide you good stuff! We hope it’s only a beginning and ideally we would like you to decide what Psionic should become. Be sure we want to stay for long.

Have fun and long life to Psionic Storm and Heroes of the Storm! See you on Patreon ­čśë

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