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Legendary Brewmaster


Tier one:  Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger  Should be your go to for most laning situations. The new kit revolves much more around auto attacking and trading as the better waveclear talents such as  Ring of FireRing of Fire  have been moved further down the tree. The slow from  Keg SmashKeg Smash  and re-positioning utility from  Flying KickFlying Kick  allow you all the CC and mobility to maximize value from this talent.  Freshest IngredientsFreshest Ingredients  is still a sturdy talent, the value and cap have somewhat neutered the late game power house of previous chen buillds with this talent.( Deadly StrikeDeadly Strike  ) But the value can still be utilized when pairing later talents. 

Tier 2:  Accumulating FlameAccumulating Flame  fixes the issues left in Chens ability to waveclear substantially. The increase in Fire damage applies to all non heroes as well. The emphasis on auto attacking from  Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger   instantly bring synergy into your build.

Tier 3:  Elusive BrawlerElusive Brawler   Gift of the OxGift of the Ox  Are the best bang for your buck talents.  Elusive BrawlerElusive Brawler  can COMPLETELY negate damage from the stacking passive of Imperius and provide ability to save you from other AA heroes like Illidan & Varian  in lane.  Gift of the OxGift of the Ox  adds more time/damage reduction to  StaggerStagger  increasing your ability to take burst damage, or trade more effectively vs non AA heroes. Fortifying BrewFortifying Brew  can reduce the DoT effect applied by Stagger.  Brewmaster's BalanceBrewmaster's Balance  is still a fantastic talent but the BREW cost changes to  Keg SmashKeg Smash   Unknown ability [Breath of Fire]*  no longer provide an INSTANT ability to proc the movement speed aspect of  Brewmaster's BalanceBrewmaster's Balance  (  Elusive BrawlerElusive Brawler  now gives movement speed instantly)

HEROICS Tier 4: Storm, Earth, FireStorm, Earth, Fire  many of my fellow Chen players might bite my head off for this, but here we go. The changes to both ultimates were fantastic.  Storm, Earth, FireStorm, Earth, Fire  Was totally reworked and provided with MASSIVE utility/depth and the ability to adapt to multiple requirements.  Wandering KegWandering Keg  with its additional move speed and knockback have actually become HARDER to control, thus making it more difficult to get absolute value. (People slipping off the sides of the hitbox have caused more pain in my life than i can explain)  Wandering KegWandering Keg  However does provide you the games best escape tool from ANY bad spot outside of bubble hearth from Yrel .

Tier 5: Ring of FireRing of Fire   provides Chen with 2 things; a HUGE waveclear spike that now allows you to take a breath and keep your eyes open for other things while you AFK in a wave/camp. And this allows you to put out around an additional 600 damage (Level 20 scale) over 5 seconds to all targets REGARDLESS of being CC'd. This allows you to focus on your defensive cooldowns rather than being forced to right click for all of your damage. Fire damage was buffed kids. 

Tier 6:  Combo StrikesCombo Strikes  is the best choice for all out damage.  CelerityCelerity  is fantastic to pair with the level 7 ( Gift of the OxGift of the Ox  ) For ultimate survival and tankiness. Combo strikes allows chen to have a possible 6 second window of increased attack speed (50%!!!!!!). This also pairs insanely well with your level 1 and 4 and 7 talents if you have gone ( Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger   Accumulating FlameAccumulating Flame   Elusive BrawlerElusive Brawler  ) 

Storm Talents Tier 7:  Energizing BrewEnergizing Brew  like last tier is a just monumental damage and health increase. It lasts an ungodly amount of time and requires you to simply hide in a bush for 4 seconds. That is it. At level 20 my single target damage hovered around 750 dps with this talent.  Elemental ConduitElemental Conduit  would be your other ideal talent if trying to really embrace the bruiser role. These abilities are insane, a close to 1000 point shield, a root with high burst damage, and an attack speed/movement speed increase? SHEESH. (P.S.  Energizing BrewEnergizing Brew   DOES MAINTAIN THE BUFF if you use  Storm, Earth, FireStorm, Earth, Fire  . Thats alot of property damage.)

There are other builds that i have my eyes on (2 Exactly) Chens playstyle has changed a small amount, but overall i think the skill ceiling for this hero has risen substantially. If you would like to see an in depth guide on the playstyle and other builds let me know! 

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