The Warden

Maiev Shadowsong stood watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years, and hunted him relentlessly after he was released. Some say she's determined; others say she's obsessed. Either way, she will stop at nothing to ensure the security of her world.

Release date: 2018-02-06 youtube


- Level 0 +
  • Health points: - (+-% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+-% per lev )


  • Mana: - (+10% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+0.1% per lev )

  • Damage per attack: - (+-% per lev )

  • Attack speed: - (per sec)


  • Dps: -

  • Attack range: -

Basic Abilities

  • Fan of Knives

    Fan of Knives (Q)

    Mana: 30 Cooldown:  4s

    Deal 152 damage to enemies in a crescent area.

    Hitting at least 2 enemy Heroes with Fan of Knives reduces its cooldown to 0.5 seconds, and refunds its Mana cost.

  • Umbral Bind

    Umbral Bind (W)

    Mana: 55 Cooldown:  14s

    Maiev's next Basic Attack cleaves and applies a tether to enemy Heroes hit for 2.5 seconds. If a tethered Hero moves too far from Maiev, they are pulled toward her, dealing 110 damage and breaking the tether.

  • Spirit of Vengeance

    Spirit of Vengeance (E)

    Mana: 50 Cooldown:  13s

    Send a shadow of Maiev outward that will return to its cast location, dealing 150 damage to enemies along both paths. If an enemy Hero is hit, reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

  • Containment Disc

    Containment Disc (R)

    Mana: 50 Cooldown:  40s

    Throw a glaive in the target direction. If an enemy Hero is hit, Containment Disc can be reactivated to remove their vision and Time Stop them for 4 seconds. Leaving Containment Silences the enemy Hero for 1.5 seconds.

    Containment Disc automatically activates 6 seconds after hitting a Hero.

  • Warden's Cage

    Warden's Cage (R)

    Mana: 80 Cooldown:  100s

    Summon 8 Warden Avatars as a cage around Maiev. After 1.5 seconds, enemy Heroes that come in contact with an Avatar consume it and are knocked to the center of the cage. Warden Avatars last 5 seconds.


  • Vault of the Wardens

    Vault of the Wardens (T)

    Cooldown:  13s

    Leap into the air, becoming Immune to all hostile effects for 0.75 seconds.

    After reaching Level 20, Vault of the Wardens gains an additional charge.


  • The Warden

    The Warden

  • Hellwarden Maiev

    Hellwarden Maiev