Aspect of Death

Once the Aspect of Wisdom, Malthael abandoned heaven after the Worldstone's destruction. In secret, he had resolved to end the Eternal Conflict by becoming a Reaper of Souls and eliminating everything affected by demonic corruption, including humanity.

Release date: 2017-06-13 youtube


- Level 0 +
  • Health points: - (+-% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+-% per lev )


  • Mana: - (+10% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+0.1% per lev )

  • Damage per attack: - (+-% per lev )

  • Attack speed: - (per sec)


  • Dps: -

  • Attack range: -

Basic Abilities

  • Soul Rip

    Soul Rip (Q)

    Mana: 25 Cooldown:  2s

    Extract the souls of nearby enemies afflicted by Reaper's Mark, dealing 100 damage and healing Malthael for 25 per target hit. Heroic targets heal Malthael for an additional 4% of the Hero's maximum Health.

  • Wraith Strike

    Wraith Strike (W)

    Mana: 30 Cooldown:  5s

    Instantly teleport through an enemy afflicted by Reaper's Mark, dealing 59 damage and refreshing Reaper's Mark.

  • Death Shroud

    Death Shroud (E)

    Mana: 50 Cooldown:  8s

    After 0.25 seconds, unleash a wave of dark mist that applies Reaper's Mark to enemies it hits.

Heroic Abilities

  • Tormented Souls

    Tormented Souls (R)

    Mana: 20 Cooldown:  60s

    Unleash a torrent of souls, continually applying Reaper's Mark to nearby enemies for 4 seconds. When Tormented Souls is cast and when it expires, reset the cooldown of Wraith Strike.

  • Last Rites

    Last Rites (R)

    Mana: 100 Cooldown:  70s

    Apply a death sentence to an enemy Hero that, after 2 seconds, deals damage equal to 50% of their missing Health.

    Quest: Enemies killed between the application of Last Rites and within 1.5 seconds of it dealing damage permanently reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds, to a minimum of 20 seconds.


  • Reaper's Mark

    Reaper's Mark (T)

    Basic Attacks cleave in an area in front of Malthael and afflict non-Structure targets with Reaper's Mark for 4 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed and take damage equal to 2% of their maximum Health every 1 second.


  • Aspect of Death

    Aspect of Death

  • Grave Warden Malthael

    Grave Warden Malthael