Psionic auf Deutsch!


 | 26  Oct 18  à 15:09

Note: this article is available in German.

From French and then English, Psionic Storm is pursuing its international expansion with a new big milestone : Psionic Storm in German ! Many users of Psionic speak German and we wanted to please them with a nice surprise.

The german version is still in progress but we wanted to make it available already now. Some elements of the website are still to be translated but all the game data including talents and abilities and already available in german, and they will be maintained as much as possible.

If you speak German and want to give us a hand, you are much welcome to contact us! If you don’t speak German, no worry from now you can even learn German with Psionic using our dual display in our talent calculator !

Other languages may follow next. If you are a player enjoying other languages and would like to help us with the internationalisation please contact us !

Talent Calculator – sample in German

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