The Last Guardian

Under the demon lord Sargeras's influence, Medivh opened the Dark Portal and unleashed the Horde upon Azeroth. To atone for this sin, he rallied a new generation of heroes to stand against the Burning Legion. Now, he takes his place amongst legends.

Release date: 2016-06-14 youtube


- Level 0 +
  • Health points: - (+-% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+-% per lev )


  • Mana: - (+10% per lev )

  • Regen: - (+0.1% per lev )

  • Damage per attack: - (+-% per lev )

  • Attack speed: - (per sec)


  • Dps: -

  • Attack range: -

Basic Abilities

  • Arcane Rift

    Arcane Rift (Q)

    Mana: 50 Cooldown:  7s

    Launch a rift that deals 170 damage to enemies in its path. If an enemy Hero is hit, reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds and refund 50 Mana.

    Quest: Hit 40 enemy Heroes with Arcane Rift without dying.

    Reward: Permanently increase the damage dealt by 75 and cooldown reduction for hitting a Hero by 1 second.

  • Force of Will

    Force of Will (W)

    Mana: 60 Cooldown:  9s

    Protect an allied Hero from all damage for 1.5 seconds. Upon expiration, Force of Will heals the target for 20% of the damage it absorbed.

  • Portal

    Portal (E)

    Mana: 65 Cooldown:  16s

    Create a set of portals between Medivh and the target location, allowing allies to teleport between both. The portals last 6 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

  • Poly Bomb

    Poly Bomb (R)

    Mana: 75 Cooldown:  40s

    Polymorph an enemy Hero for 2 seconds, Silencing them and making them unable to attack. On expiration, Poly Bomb spreads to other nearby enemy Heroes.

  • Ley Line Seal

    Ley Line Seal (R)

    Mana: 75 Cooldown:  80s

    After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that places enemy Heroes in Time Stop for 3 seconds.


  • Raven Form

    Raven Form (T)

    Instead of mounting, Medivh can transform into a raven, increasing Movement Speed by 20%. While transformed, Medivh can see and fly over all terrain and is immune to all effects.


  • The Last Guardian

    The Last Guardian

  • Magus Medivh

    Magus Medivh

  • Knight Owl Medivh

    Knight Owl Medivh